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June 7, 2016

WSET Diploma Update

Believe it or not, I am almost halfway done with my WEST studies.  I started in July of 2015 and really had no idea what I was getting into and what to expect.  Fast forward and I have taken 4 exams and completed a research paper.  Only 2 exams remain before I finish my WSET studies!

Here is a breakdown of where I stand:

Unit 1: The Business of Wine and Spirits

Case Study PASSED


Unit 2: Viticulture & Vinification PASSED

Unit 3: Still Wines of the World SESSIONS BEGIN IN OCTOBER; EXAM JUNE 2017

Unit 4: Spirits PASSED

Unit 5: Sparkling Wines PASSED

Unit 6: Fortified Wines EXAM JUNE 14TH

I am happy to report that I have passed all of the Diploma exams that I have taken this far.  Considering that I do not work in the wine biz and do not have access to wine on a daily basis, I am extremely proud!  When I walked into class last July and we all shared a little about ourselves, most of my 18 cohorts shared that they work in the business.  I felt like an underdog and was a bit intimidated.  I was pretty sure I’d have to study a lot more and spend more time on things than my classmates.  Whether I am doing that or not, something is working!

My time now is spent preparing for the Fortified Wines exam on June 14th.  With fortified wines we study Sherry (from Spain), Port (from Portugal), Madeira (from the island of the same name), and a few other fortifieds including: vin doux naturel from a few regions in France and Australia’s Rutherglen Muscat.

I will report back once I sit my fortified exam on Tuesday June 14th.  Until then…….

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Brianne aims to make wine approachable and conversational, to surprise and delight with unexpected wine finds, and to give people knowledge (and confidence) about wine in their everyday lives.

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