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Looking for a fun, creative, and interesting way to bring a group of people together?

Brianne Cohen, certified sommelier, will host and lead your group through an entertaining and educational wine tasting experience: in-person or virtually. A focus on diverse owned wineries is always considered (i.e. Black, BIPOC, LGBT, or female-owned).

No matter where you’re hosting your next event - online, at a private venue such as your office or home, or at a public restaurant or hotel ballroom - Brianne can create a wine experience for any size group, at any location, and for every occasion.

Work With Brianne - Virtual & In-Person Wine Experiences
Providing quality wine education for groups of all sizes from 10 to 300+ people.

Virtual Wine Experiences

Since March 2020, Brianne has educated and entertained over 7,000 people through her Virtual Vino wine tastings. Virtual Vino includes a 1 hour guided tasting experience hosted via Zoom or your platform of choice, featuring wines from boutique, artisan producers (usually diverse-owned) in small-format tasting sets (or full-size bottles). The wines are shipped directly to attendees, along with a tasting sheet and a tasting mat. Also included is our signature white-glove tracking service for all packages.

Brianne Cohen Virtual Wine Experiences
Pricing starts at $85/person and includes:
❖ Wine tasting set
❖ 1 hour guide tasting experience
❖ Tasting Sheet + Tasting Mat
❖ White glove shipping and tracking
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Whether you’re hosting a private tasting for 10 of your closest friends or organizing a large corporate tasting for a fortune 500 company, a virtual wine tasting is a shared sensory experience - and a guaranteed good time for all. Wine tasting education is also prioritized in each virtually guided experience to develop your confidence and knowledge of all things wine.

The ability to taste multiple wines in a guided tasting experience mimics a visit to your favorite tasting room!

Whether you're looking for employee event ideas or are just curious about wine tastings, sign up for a fun team building event!  

In-Person Wine Experiences

We are living in an ever-changing world which means we have to be as fluid as the wine in our glass. Whether you’re organizing an event on behalf of a client, for your company, or to celebrate a special occasion, Brianne can create an in-person wine experience to meet all your planning needs - and work with you to ensure your guest’s safety and comfort. Brianne also emphasizes the importance of wine tasting education in her in-person wine experiences through guided discussions and explanations.

In-person experiences can include:
❖ Live Action Station
❖ Food & Wine Pairing
❖ Sommelier-Led Wine Tasting
❖ Wine Tasting Excursion
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Host a live-action station during a cocktail hour or open your event with an ‘icebreaker’ like Guess the $100 Wine or a Prosecco vs. Champagne Taste-Off. If you’re looking for something a bit more structured, consider a food and wine pairing or a sommelier-led wine tasting. And for those planning an offsite retreat or conference, you can work with Brianne to host and organize a wine tasting excursion.

Brianne Cohen In-Person Wine Experiences

A wine tasting experience (in-person or virtual) is perfect for:

❖ Corporate team-building
❖ Networking
❖ Non-profit donor event
❖ Holiday party
❖ Client event
❖ Celebration
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Wine Tasting Los Angeles

As a certified sommelier and an experienced wine educator and writer, Brianne provides a memorable wine tasting in Los Angeles for you and your guests. A typical Los Angeles wine tasting experience allows you to sample various wines, in a wine safe space where you can ask all of your burning wine questions. Brianne offers in-depth (and fun!) wine education throughout each tasting so you leave not only satisfied with your delicious wine but also confident in your newfound knowledge.

In Los Angeles and across Southern California, Brianne’s ability to make wine fun and approachable is unmatched. Because of this, she hosts the best wine tasting experiences in Los Angeles, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to learn with her. See how you can experience a Los Angeles wine tasting with Brianne Cohen.

Themed Classes & Add-Ons

For equal parts education and entertainment, try a themed class - from blending to blind tastings to celebrating diversity and inclusion, there’s an interactive, structured, and fun class for any occasion. Or elevate your wine tasting experience with an optional ‘add-on’ like a cheese or chocolate pairing, add a personal touch with your custom branding, or surprise and delight your guests with a bottle of wine as a post-event gift.

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