Work With Brianne – Wine Education

As a certified Sommelier, I offer FUN and easy ways to understand wine education.

My specialty is meeting people where they are in their wine knowledge and helping them up their wine game.

I offer classes, tastings, and team-building exercises using wine education as the base.

Wine Educator / Consultant

I come into your home and lead a wine tasting class for you and a group of your friends, no matter their level of wine expertise.

You know how you feel nervous when you have to pick a wine from a wine list or how you feel completely lost when you have to select a wine at the wine shop? Well, I share tips and tricks to empower people to enjoy wine more and to be confident in their wine decisions.

How about a team building activity for your office or an incentive/reward for a sales team? I can come into your place of business to give your staff a fun, yet educational wine class. The goal is for the group to relax and enjoy their time together in a non-work related task. I can take it one step further and break the group up into teams while we conduct a blind tasting contest in which they compete against their colleagues!

I also educate your restaurant service staff to help improve customer service and increase wine sales. Monthly classes are key, as there is such high turnover with restaurant service staff. This consistent education will ensure that your beverage/alcohol revenues stay consistent and that your staff is well-educated and happy. The end-goal for you as the restaurateur/owner is to increase your beverage/alcohol sales. And with a trained and confident staff, this is sure to happen.

“She went above and beyond what was expected.
The wine class attendees connected well with her and her positive, fun attitude.
I look forward to hiring Brianne again and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to host a wine event!”
– Jen S.

Example Of Classes Offered

Blind Tasting 101

She Rocks: Female Winemakers

Summer Sippers

Summer Whites

Sparkling Wines 101

Champagne for your Campaign

Tasting Room Etiquette


How to Buy a Bottle of Wine

How to Read a Wine Label

California Dreamin’

Bri’s Best Wine Values

Wine Deals under $15

Screw Cap vs Cork

We Want the Funk (Funky Wines!)

What the Heck are Natural Wines!?!?!?

Spanish Nights: Sherry + Tapas

Pizza Wines

Dessert Wine

How to Pair Food and Wine

Volcanic Vinos

Wine Tasting 101

Rosé for Everyday

Wine Writer

I am available for collaboration with digital/print publications. Also, wine producers looking to outsource content creation (i.e. newsletters and web content).

I am Los Angeles based and can also manage social media takeovers for events/festivals. This includes but is not limited to: Instagram stories, Facebook live, live Tweets, etc.

Sample Policy

As a wine blogger, I frequently accept samples for review on the blog and on my social media channels.

Please contact me to discuss sending samples for review.

I promise to always be honorable with the samples. I will evaluate all wines in good tasting settings and with no distractions. All reviews are my opinions, and mine only. Because of the volume of samples I receive, I cannot promise that all samples received will be reviewed, but I will do my best.


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