Welcome to SOMMspirations!

Hello readers and welcome to the SOMMspirations blog!  My name is Brianne and I am a seasoned event producer in the LA area about to embark on a crazy two-year journey of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Level 4 Sommelier course.  I don’t work in the wine biz, but I do LOVE wine.  Ultimately, I want my readers to have fun and enjoy reading while I drop some wine knowledge.  Wine is an art, and I want to share that sensibility with the world. Europeans (specifically the Italians) know how to do it: they live hard and love hard and they eat and drink unabashedly.  I encourage my American compadres to slow down a bit.  Enjoy your glass of wine, enjoy your meal, and enjoy your lover.  The meaning of life is to live it, and there’s no better time to start than today!

I have two goals for this blog: #1 to document the journey of the Level 4 WSET course (which begins in less than a week!) and to #2 to drop some knowledge with my sweet wine skillz!  Sometimes I might share a fun travel memory that includes wine, or I might share wine facts (i.e. how do bubbles get in bubbly?) in an easy to understand way.  Other times I might recap a visit to a local wine country or tell you about a tasting group I participated in. With me, you always know you’re going to enjoy yourself AND learn something.

P.S. wine skillz will give you major street cred:) So, listen up and maybe share what you learn at that next cocktail party.  Or impress your date by properly opening up a bottle of Champagne.  Either way, be ready for a good time!  Salud!