#VirtualVino Online Tastings


I’m feeling like the universe is giving information overload. Between COVID-19 and the never-ending news cycle, there is A LOT going on. My morning meditations and gratitude journal are helping me get through it all so that I can stay mindful and positive. But I do waver between fear, acceptance of what is going on, and then just pure calm knowing that the universe has me. I was thinking about my community and wondering what I can do to help lighten the mood a bit and bring people “together” while we are avoiding/minimizing human contact.
On Thursday, March 19th I hosted my first FREE #VirtualVino online tasting. I thought a handful of my friends and colleagues would join. Well, I had OVER 100 people sign up to attend. The response was so overwhelming and gratifying! The following Thursday I offered my most-requested class: Wine Tasting 101. Fast forward, and I have now seen OVER 350 faces on Zoom for my wine tastings!
For the last two months, I have offered weekly #VirtualVino classes on Thursday at 6pm (Pacific). I alternated a FREE #VirtualVino class and a more structured $10 class with a different topic each time. Now that summer is approaching, the weather is gorgeous, and we can all get outside a bit more, I am amending the #VitualVino schedule to every other week. Once a month we’ll do the FREE #VirtualVino format and once a month we’ll do a $10 more structured, educational class. The current schedule is below!

Coming Up!

Special LATE NIGHT #VirtualVino Edition

Thursday, May 21st 8pm (Pacific) is my next FREE #VirtualVino tasting (on Zoom).  This is a special later time to accommodate parents of little ones who need extra time to get them fed, bathed, and to bed! The more the merrier. All I ask is that you bring a glass of wine and a big smile. No specific wines are required! The format of this hour will be “Ask Brianne”. Once you register, feel free to submit your questions. I will answer as many of them as I can. There will also be a chat box open throughout the session for you to interact with other tasters online. Questions can be submitted at that time as well!

My next structured, educational class will be on Thursday, June 4th at 6pm (Pacific). Get ready for: Positively Port! In this class we will explore the different styles of Port wine. We’ll learn about how Port is made, and the classic tasting notes for each style. We’ll also touch on how to best enjoy Port and what to pair it with. HINT: chocolate, cheese, and other desserts work well! The cost is $10 per registration. Not per person. So, if your partner, spouse, or roommate wants to join, totally fine!

Click to Join on 6/4

While everything around us is so serious, let’s take some time, grab a glass, and learn while we enjoy some wine. Click the links above if you’d like to join. Cheers!