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Wine Tasting Los Angeles

I feel that there is an absence of an effective, approachable, relatable voice in wine who speaks to and connects with consumers. I want to be that voice. Through my virtual wine tastings and Los Angeles wine tastings featuring Black-owned wineries, I aim to accomplish that. 

Whether you collect wine, belong to wine clubs, or you know nothing about wine except that you like to drink it, I am here to improve your wine drinking experience. My goal is to make wine approachable and conversational, to surprise and delight with unexpected, distinctive wine finds, and to give people knowledge (and confidence) about wine that can be used in their everyday lives, especially when it comes to wine tasting Los Angeles.

Who I Am

While I love being in a room of geeky wine nerds and talkin’ shop, my true love is talking to regular, good ‘ol fashioned wine drinkers about wine. Not wine educators, not wine writers, and not industry people. The wine industry is full of people that know A LOT about wine….almost too much. Keeping the wine conversation elevated and academic at all times is exhausting. Sometimes I just want to break bread and enjoy good juice in the glass. Don’t you?

When folks interact with me or my brand, I want them to walk away thinking to themselves, “That was so easy to understand. Why has no one else been able to share that with me in such an easy-to-understand way? If I keep doing this, I’m going to learn so much and have a good time doing it. Also, I’ll impress my friends when I drop some wine knowledge!”

Early on, I realized I had a knack for breaking down wine in a simple, easy-to-understand way. I found that few in my industry had both the knowledge AND the ability to do this. No wonder consumers think wine is so complicated. We’ve made it that way! This is not brain surgery. We should all be having fun, drinking unabashedly, and enjoying what’s in our glass.

Wine Tasting Los Angeles

We are living in an ever-changing world which means we have to be as fluid as the wine in our glass. Whether you’re organizing an event on behalf of a client, for your company, or to celebrate a special occasion, I can create an in-person wine experience to meet all your planning needs – and work with you to ensure your guest’s safety and comfort when it comes to wine tasting Los Angeles. 

In-person experiences can include:

Host a live-action station during a cocktail hour or open your event with an ‘icebreaker’ such Guess the $100 Wine, a Prosecco vs. Champagne Taste-Off, or a Cali Cab Throwdown. If you’re looking for something a bit more structured, consider a food and wine pairing or a sommelier-led wine tasting. And for those planning an offsite retreat or conference, you can work with me to host and organize a wine tasting excursion where you can experience wine tasting Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Whether you’re hosting a private tasting for 10 of your closest friends or organizing a large corporate tasting for a fortune 500 company, a virtual wine tasting is a shared sensory experience – and a guaranteed good time for all. Wine tasting education is also prioritized in each virtually guided experience to develop your confidence and knowledge of all things wine.

The ability to taste multiple wines in a guided tasting experience mimics a visit to your favorite tasting room! Virtual wine experiences are good for:

Black-Owned Winery Near Me

We are all looking for ways in which we can speak and live our values in our everyday life. I am an advocate in doing my part to create space for diversity and inclusion in the wine industry, particularly for Black, BIPOC, and underrepresented communities. Bringing awareness to finding and supporting Black-owned wineries has been important to me since I first started offering wine education and tasting experiences, and I’m eager to see more people discover these amazing, diverse Black-owned wineries. My website features a database (sorted by country and region) of Black-Owned wineries near you.  

The issue: wine is not a space where people feel comfortable. The language and access around wine have been kept strictly with people in the wine world, people who grew up around wine, and people who had access to wine. I want to change that and welcome all who want to come to the table. EVERYONE’S voice and opinion are important. If you enjoy wine, you’re welcome at my table anytime!

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