February 2, 2022

More Black-Owned Wineries to Try

*This post was originally published on August 17, 2020 and has been updated to reflect new wineries.

We are all here because we love wine. We love the sensory experience of drinking a glass of wine, we love traveling to wine country, and we love hearing the stories behind the wine. But like our greater society, the wine world also struggles with diversity and representation in all facets of the business.

My “why” in the world of wine is simple: I strive for people to have fun with wine. In whatever way I am communicating, my goals are to help people drink better and up their wine game. With that being said, I am trying to do my part in diversifying the wine space by featuring more Black and diverse owned wineries.

Black-Owned Wineries: Spread the Word

In addition to the list of wineries in this post, on my website, I have a full listing of Black-owned wineries around the country and around the world. If I have missed one, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know!

Buy From a Black-Owned Winery

I encourage you to seek out and try these wines. If you like them, make a purchase! In addition, consider swapping out one of your wine clubs and joining one of these clubs instead. Wine club income is passive and a great way to support a Black-owned business. In no particular order, I recommend trying from these 10 Black-owned wineries!

Maison Noir (Oregon)

Maison Noir Wines was founded in 2007 with the cool André Hueston Mack at the helm. The brand (and the wines) are exciting, dynamic, and unbuttoned. These aren't your grandma's wines! Two of his most popular wines include Other People's Pinot Noir (O.P.P.) and Love Drunk Rosé, to give you a sense of the vibe André is going for. There is not one ounce of pretension, but it is some good juice.  Check out this piece where I recommended Andre’s wines in an article for HuffPost.

Vision Cellars (California)

Vision Cellars is one of the OG Black-owned wineries in California. I first met owner and winemaker, Mac McDonald, at a food & wine pairing dinner in Los Angeles featuring his wines. He showed up in overalls and a straw hat. I was hooked. I then tried his Pinot Noirs and have never looked back. This dinner is where I learned that salmon and Pinot Noir is a THING.

Theopolis Vineyards (Yorkville Highlands, CA)

Near the border of Mendocino and Sonoma Counties, you will find Theopolis Vineyards, with Theodora Lee at the helm. Theodora was a lawyer in a past life and is now owner and winemaker at Theopolis. Her Petite Sirah is a standout and has stacked up more medals than she can count.  I recently recommended Theodora’s wines in an article for HuffPost.

Frichette Winery (Red Mountain, Washington)

Frichette Winery is a family-owned limited production winery crafting wines that showcase the best of the Red Mountain AVA in Washington. I had the pleasure of visiting Red Mountain during the Wine Media Conference in 2019. Bonus: Frichette is part female-owned as well.

Brown Estate (Napa Valley, CA)

In 1980 Deneen, David, and Coral Brown’s parents purchased an abandoned ranch in the eastern hills of the Napa Valley. They rehabilitated the crumbling homestead and planted viniferous grapes — which for a decade they farmed and sold to local winemakers. In 1995 the kids decided to make their own wine, with the Zinfandel as their standout!

Kumusha Wines (Western Cape, South Africa)

I want to start by painting a picture of South African wine since 2020. Due to COVID, domestic alcohol sales have been prohibited multiple times throughout the pandemic. The industry is DECIMATED. Exports are still allowed. You can help support South Africa’s wine industry by purchasing SA wines. Kumusha in the Zimbabwean Shona language translates to “your home” or “your origin”. This winery was founded by Tinashe Nyamudoka, an award-winning sommelier. I’m particularly fond of his affordable and crushable Cabernet Sauvignon!

McBride Sisters (California and New Zealand)

For half of their lives, the McBride sisters had never met and didn’t even know that the other existed. They share a father and both thought they were only children. One sister was raised in northern California. And the other was raised in Marlborough, New Zealand. In 2005, the sisters found themselves together in California, fueled by a shared passion for all things wine. In 2010 the McBride Sisters Collection was born. This is the largest Black-owned wine company in the US, thanks in part to the popularity of their Black Girl Magic brand.

Longevity Wines (Livermore, CA)

Started by Phil Long and his late wife Debra, the husband-and-wife team forged their path in the wine world, starting an online wine club under the Longevity brand in 2004 and opening their own Livermore winery and tasting room in 2008.  Along the way, Long has increasingly embraced his role as a wine ambassador culminating that year when he was named president of the Association of African American Vintners.

Aslina Wines (South Africa)

Aslina was launched in 2017 by Ntsiki Biyela, South Africa’s first Black female winemaker. Ntsiki left her rural hometown in the Eastern Cape of South Africa to study winemaking at the University of Stellenbosch and has never looked back. Aslina is the name of her grandmother, who was a great influence on her life.

Indigené Cellars (Paso Robles, CA)

This is the furthest south Black-owned winery in California (that I know of!). So for those in SoCal looking to support, Indigené is the one. Founded by Raymond Smith, who has been in the Central Coast area for over 30 years, Indigené focuses on classic international varieties and red blends to satisfy any palate.

Please seek out, try, and buy these wines to help these businesses survive and THRIVE.

I also invite you to visit the Diversity section of my website. Here you can read about my commitment to diversity and the tangible way I am choosing to weave this into my business. On this tab, you will also see a list (broken down by country and state) of Black-owned wineries. Most importantly this list includes hyperlinks to all of these businesses. Please visit this page to learn more and perhaps discover your next favorite Black-owned winery.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re looking to Up Your Wine Game and Drink Better, consider booking a private in-person or virtual wine tasting experience.
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