I Passed!

Great news to report!  I received word that I passed the two exams that I took in November.  What a relief!  I’ve been on pins and needles as our class had to wait 9 long weeks to get these results.

The first exam was Unit 5 Sparkling Wines. This exam consisted of 3 short answer questions on various topics related to sparkling wines and 3 blind tastes of sparkling wines.  I actually passed the tasting with Merit!  A pass is a grade between 55-64%.  Merit is 65-74% and Distinction is 75%+

The second exam was the Case Study, which is half of Unit 1 The Business of Wine.  The case study is a closed book paper that you write in a timed exam condition.   This case study was on supplier/retailer relationships, and I passed this one with Merit as well!

Wanted to share the good news with everyone.  I will be back shortly to report on the next unit that I just recently began: spirits!