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Brianne Cohen Giving Back

Giving back is a cornerstone of life.

I was raised with that sensibility as a child, as my grandmother spent her entire life/career giving back. She worked tirelessly for the Democratic party, on the school board, and in many non-profit organizations for children with disabilities/special needs. She also dedicated her life professionally working with at-risk youth in recovery and retention. I lived with my grandmother growing up and saw her live by this philosophy every day.

Giving back means many things to me.

Not a day goes by that I don’t drive with homemade care packages in my front seat. My husband and I make them monthly, and they include: non-perishable food items, a nice note, socks in the winter months, and a bottle of water. We pass them out to people suffering from homelessness that we see as we drive through town.

Giving back also means using your skills and talents for good.

Many clients of mine (past and present) include non-profit organizations who are doing good work in the community.

I am happy to lend my skills/talents to these organizations so they may host more successful events as well as virtual fundraising events. These organizations include the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, and Vox Femina.

Giving back also means using your precious time to do work in your local community. 

I am a member of The Guardians of the Los Angeles Jewish Home. As a member of the Guardians Women’s Division, I participate in events throughout the year that either directly support the Los Angeles Jewish Home. Growing up in a household with my grandparents has given me a special sensibility around seniors. Any day I visit the LA Jewish Home is a good day.
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