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Diversity Matters

Diversity and inclusion matter - not only in wine but in life. Diversity, representation, and inclusion are key tenets of humanity all necessary to ensure we, as people, have a place and a purpose in this world. There are many ways in which you can support diversity and inclusion. My favorite way is to find and support Black-owned wineries.

With 11,000 wineries in the U.S., there aren’t too many diverse options to choose from. According to Wine & Spirits Magazine, less than 1% of wineries are Black-owned, which significantly limits representation and inclusion within the wine industry.

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Doing My Part

I am an advocate in doing my part to create space for diversity and inclusion in the wine industry, particularly for Black, BIPOC, and underrepresented communities. Bringing awareness to finding and supporting Black-owned wineries has been important to me since I first started offering wine education and tasting experiences, and I’m eager to see more people discover the amazing, diverse wineries owned by underrepresented groups.

Ensuring that BIPOC wine professionals have access to wine sampling opportunities, interview requests, and press trip invitations is important. Using Julia Coney’s Black Wine Professionals website is a great resource for finding those professionals.

I am committed to providing resources (like the directory below) that make it easy to find and support Black-owned wineries. You can support a Black-owned winery with a simple bottle purchase or a visit to their tasting room.

Black-Owned Wineries

Find & support a Black-owned winery in your area.
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Other U.S.
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Giving Back with Wine Unify

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As a supporter of Black-owned wineries, I also believe in supporting organizations on a mission to diversify the wine industry. This is why I give 10% of the proceeds of my virtual tasting experiences to Wine Unify, an organization that seeks to celebrate and support the diverse voices of underrepresented minorities within the wine industry. Their goal is to welcome these groups into the wine industry, elevate their presence, and amplify their voices to create diversity and inclusion in wine and in life.

Helping Wine Unify advance its mission to remove obstacles to education, funding, mentorship, has been a priority of mine for some time now with over $17,000 donated!
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