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Diversity Matters

Diversity and inclusion matter - not only in wine, but in life. Diversity, representation, and inclusion are key tenets of humanity.

Doing My Part

I am an advocate and passionate about doing my part to create space for diversity and inclusion in the wine industry, particularly for the black, BIPOC, and underrepresented communities.

When I am given a wine sampling opportunity, interview request, or a press trip invitation, I confirm that the PR firm has invited BIPOC wine professionals, using Julia Coney’s Black Wine Professionals website as a resource for finding those professionals.

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I am committed to providing resources - like the directory below - that make it easy to find and support black-owned wineries. You can support a black-owned winery with a simple bottle purchase or a visit to their tasting room.

Black-Owned Wineries

Find & support a black-owned winery in your area.
Other CA
East Coast
Other U.S.
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Giving Back

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I also believe in supporting organizations on a mission to diversify the wine industry. This is why I give 10% of my proceeds to Wine Unify, an organization that seeks to celebrate and support diverse voices of underrepresented minorities within the wine industry.

$10,000 Donated

Helping Wine Unify advance its mission to remove obstacles to education, funding, mentorship, and/or a general feeling of exclusion for professionals of color.
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