Make a Wine Entrance

How can you make an entrance when arriving at a party? A stunning new outfit? Arriving late enough so that everyone swings around to see who just walked in? Waltzing in with your ex on your arm? Those are a few options. But this wouldn’t be a wine blog if I was...

Up Your Wine Game: Tasting Room Etiquette

Happy New Year to my readers! This is something I get asked about all of the time. What is the proper way to taste wine? Do I smell the wine? Spit it? Swallow it? Do I tip? Can I ask for more? Is there a cost to taste? Etc? I find that the more I progress in my...

Up Your Wine Game: How do Bubbles Get in Bubbly?

Up Your Wine Game: How do Bubbles Get in Bubbly?

Most people can wrap their heads around how alcohol is made. It’s a simple fermentation process. Yeast converts sugar (i.e. grape juice) into alcohol (i.e. wine). Bada-bing, bada-boom, you have yourself some vino. If we’re talking about spirits, a distillation process happens after the fermentation, but that’s a different blog entry!

Up Your Wine Game: Cork v Screw Cap

I get asked about screw caps A LOT. If a wine has a screw cap, does it mean that the wine is cheap? Crappy? Should I steer clear of screw caps? Is cork better? My answer is that it usually does not matter if your wine has a screw cap or a cork. Here is a quick 101 Lesson on Wine Closures:

Help! I Always Drink the Same Stuff!

The biggest complaint about wine I hear is “I always drink the same stuff”. Which isn’t really a complaint, right? As they say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But I disagree. With a plethora of wine choices available to the consumer today, it’s a shame that most...

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