About Brianne

Brianne Cohen is a certified sommelier and event producer based out of Los Angeles, California.

She has been producing events and weddings for over 10 years in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even at the elite Sundance Film Festival. To complement the event and wedding arm of her business, she added her love of wine and also offers her services as a wine educator, writer, and consultant to inspire people of all ages. Most recently Brianne judged at the International Wine & Spirits Competition and the International Wine Challenge in London. Brianne also completed the entire curriculum with the Wine & Spirits Education Trust and traveled to London in order to receive her Diploma certificate, which is one of the most coveted and difficult wine certifications.

She also holds a Master of Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University. Brianne has blogged for four years documenting her WSET journey and now aims to share wine sips, jaunts, and experiences with her audience.

Go out and live life!
Eat. Drink. Travel.
Be Merry!

The lightbulb went off. I already had what I needed.

I had the decade long career in producing events and weddings and had achieved one of the most sought-after wine certifications on the planet. The foundation was there, I just had to get into the headspace. The confidence came over time. I worked on myself, hired a coach, and leaned on those closest to me. Now I can say that I wake up every day completely owning my day.

The WSET Diploma served as not only my biggest challenge in life, but even more so, my biggest achievement in life.

This was the crowning masterpiece in re-launching my business. The Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) provides globally recognized certifications in wine and spirits. The Diploma program is their flagship program and is considered the stepping stone to the prestigious Master of Wine certification.

It took courage in my decisions to go after my desires even when it placed me out of my comfort zone. Many of my cohort worked in the wine industry and had knowledge of wines that I had never even had the opportunity to taste. I was an outsider, an underdog, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. If everyone else had to study only 5 hours a week because they’d be tasting and talking about wine every single day, then I’d study 10 hours. I’d watch YouTube videos, attend every trade tasting I was invited to, and keep my head in the books as much as possible. As I’d get closer to exam times, the walls of my home would be covered with flip charts covering every grape, wine region, and soil type. France was in my living room, the rest of the Old World in my dining room, grape varieties in the hallway, and the New World in my bedroom.

I was unapologetic about going after my dreams and desires and I was going to do whatever it took to reach this goal. I was in a deep desire to feel vibrant and alive again in my career, even though I was up against the WSET Diploma behemoth.
After two and a half years of studying, flashcards, late nights, and the walls of my home covered in flip charts like the movie “A Beautiful Mind”, I was in the home stretch. Only one blind tasting exam of 12 wines separated me from the WSET Diploma certification. In early April 2018 I got the news that I had passed the exam and successfully completed the Diploma. Shock and disbelief quickly turned into excitement and content. I did it.

I followed my creativity, ideas, desires and intuition to create a new chapter and direction in life. Just as I have – I aspire for you to also go out and live life!

Eat. Drink. Travel. Be Merry!
Let’s enjoy wine and travel this wonderful life together.

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What energizes me? The momentum of an event. When people learn something about wine they can take outside of class. When people gain confidence around the topic of wine.

I am living my purpose by upleveling people’s lives through their knowledge of wine and in helping them plan for important days of their lives, such as weddings or other special events.



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